Christian Meditation Ballinskelligs Ireland
It is "sharing in the very being of God" that is the experience of our prayer.
Letters from the Heart, Page 92 - Dom John Main O.S.B.
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Death The Inner Journy
Death The Inner Journey
John Main
ISBN 0-9682279-2-9
Status:  In Stock
Price: €11.50
This talk on death and the relation between death and meditation was the last major talk John Main gave before his death in 1982.
It is a unique teaching on the way to prepare spiritually for the last stage of the human pilgrimage.
The Present Christ
The Present Christ,
Further Steps in Meditation
John Main
ISBN 0-232-51654-5
Status:  In Stock
Price: €15.50
This book brings together the final teachings of Dom John Main.
Moment of Christ
Moment of Christ,
The Path of Meditation
John Main
ISBN 0-232-51604-9
Status:  In Stock
Price: €14.00
In this book John Main encourages us to begin to meditate and to persevere on our journey of silent prayer.
Word into Silence
Word into Silence,
John Main
ISBN 0-232-51499-2
Status:  In Stock
Price: €15.00
This book is full of helpful advice, as well as deep spiritual insight, and will serve to guide anyone, or any group, wishing to grow closer to God through the practice of meditation.
Letters from the Heart
Letters from the Heart,
John Main
ISBN 0-8245-0444-5
Status:  In Stock
Price: €11.50
This collection of letters was written by Dom John Main to participants and friends of his Benedictine Community of monks and lay people in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

These letters, said Fr. John, were written to communicate the awareness that all renewal - whether personal renewal in Christ or monastic renewal in community - is born from an ultimate self-transcendence in the reality of the present moment.
Christian Meditation
Christian Meditation,
The Gethsemani Talks
John Main
ISBN 0-919815-02-2
Status:  In Stock
Price: €11.50
These conferences were first given in the Abbey of Gethsemani and have since proved an excellent introduction to the way of meditation in the Christian tradition.

Dom John Main begins by describing his own spiritual journey into this way and goes on to show how it is a way open to all who wish to "open themselves fully to the wonder of God, to the enduring present".
The Hunger for Prayer
The Hunger for Prayer,
John Main
ISBN 0-919815-10-3
Status:  In Stock
Price: €7.00
By discussing the Christian presence in a modern university Dom John Main opens up an important reflection on the nature of community and the role of spiritual guides and teachers.
The Monastic Adventure
The Monastic Adventure,
John Main
ISBN 0-919815-14-6
Status:  In Stock
Price: €6.50
The monk's life, as Dom John Main saw it, was an adventure - a journey beyond human limitation into the creative mystery of God. The monk has a special message to convey to the modern world - that we are all alive with infinite potential. He conveys this message most of all by his life itself.
These talks on modern monasticism strike a chord in everyone who sences the need for depth and the presence of an ultimate goal in life.
The Joy of Being
The Joy of Being,
John Main
ISBN 0-232-31731-2
Status:  In Stock
Price: €13.00
This book of daily readings draws on John Main's best writing to present the heart of his teaching in a way which will open new spiritual avenues to the reader.
"Know from your own heart, from your own experience that you were created for infinite expansion of spirit."